Connecting All the Dots

I originally wanted to reflect on “things that don’t add up”, focusing on how right now we are told to be healthy we need to stay inside. During this time away from school I’m staying at my husband’s apartment rather than my own so I didn’t have the supplies that I wanted to do this. As I was ideating, I thought about how last night my friends and I played Animal Crossing from five different states. I then switched to the “connected world” theme. 

I wanted to show how in our small apartment, we are still connected to the outside world in so many ways. I decided to focus on “What devices are connected to our wifi?” as the main connector. Turns out there are a lot! Each of the devices I connected helps us connect with others and the world around us, which is why the string ends outdoors.

It didn’t occur to me until I was unwinding the yarn and taking off the tape that I liked the symbolism of how the yarn touched so many other objects along the way. My husband and I have been cooking a lot of recipes we have found online with our opened schedules. We ordered groceries to fill the pantry online. There’s a cleaning schedule I found on Instagram that I printed and put on our fridge to declutter the space. 

It also showed me just how difficult it would be to untangle ourselves from the Internet at large. My husband and I met on Twitter, our friends and family live around the world, and our work is mostly online. I have sympathy for my students right now who are unable to be connected while they are away from school, and hope that we can find a way to help them feel the interconnection of our school’s community in other ways.

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