I have developed various skills in my pursuit of higher learning and expanding my career possibilities. This solely highlights some of what I have been able to accomplish.

Education & Leadership

In learning about how to be a successful leader and educational technologist, I developed this vision. It explains in depth what I would use technology in educational settings to pursue.

Part of working on my Master’s has been developing who I am as a person. This has helped me flesh out who I am in specific arenas, such as what I aim to do as a leader in any situation.

My undergraduate and graduate work has continually informed my understanding of learning inside and out of the classroom. Whether it’s from the internet or in a formal setting, learning is happening all the time and I do my best to understand as much about it as I can.

Technology & Design

Itinerant elementary music teachers have difficult positions that can be lonely and exhausting. I wanted to ease the questions that pop up unexpectedly throughout the year and decided that a handbook would work.

This is a final presentation on a theoretical product that could help teachers create and assess group work more accurately. I did the user research, development, and design for the prototype.

Music & Performing

In April 2013 I performed my senior flute recital in Reynolds Recital Hall at Northern Michigan University. This recording is taken by my father.

As our school closed down during the COVID-19 outbreak, we were given no direction as to what to do for the first six weeks. I developed and released several videos for my students to follow along with at home. Some were originally created for use by guest teachers when I have been sick.