Why A Blog?

At first, this started as a simple means to an end: I was required to have a blog to post my coursework for my Master of Arts in Educational Technology program. But as that draws my program draws to a close, I was surprised that I did not want to let the blog go…go with … Continue reading Why A Blog?

Quotes That Stick

At the beginning of August I changed the pinned Tweet on my personal Twitter account to reflect the road trip move my husband and I made, and today I got to change it back. I’m not one for memorizing quotes, but this is probably one of the few I can still recite from memory. It’s … Continue reading Quotes That Stick

Guilt Trips

I promise I’ll get back to some suggestions for returning to school later this week! I’ve seen it everywhere lately: don’t forget about self-care. As an ally, as an educator, as a human surviving a pandemic. I know I have taken time to do a few things for myself already. It has looked like this: … Continue reading Guilt Trips

We Have Some Questions…

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself to the Hamilton quote title. Most of the online discourse I have seen in education this week has revolved around the big question: “How do we return to school in the fall?”. Personally, I am moving away from my position in Washington so I’ll need to find something new in … Continue reading We Have Some Questions…