About Me

I have been fortunate to experience the four cardinal directions in the US:

  • South – I was born in Texas and lived there until 1999. My love Tex-Mex and being warm started here and has never gone away!
  • East – I moved to Long Island in 1999, graduated high school, and returned here after college for work. With the proximity to New York City, I was able to see Broadway shows, the Philharmonic, and explore so many cuisines.
  • North – I completed my bachelor’s in Secondary Music Education at Northern Michigan University from 2010 to 2014. My family growing up was lucky enough to spend summers in Marquette so I already knew the area well. I still miss the summers on the lake and hockey games.
  • West – I moved to the Seattle area in 2016 and have spent my time as an elementary music teacher and a substitute. Seattle was the first place I chose to live in my life, and has a fond place in my heart.

I have also visited 38 of the 50 states, and I am hoping to make it to all of them before I turn 35. Seven years to go, and I think I can do it!

My husband and I got married in August 2019 after meeting through Desert Bus for Hope, a charity fundraiser for Child’s Play. We look forward to living in the same place this summer! In my increasingly rare spare time, I play video games, board games, knit, cross-stitch, and practice my various instruments (at home I have a piano, ukulele, clarinet, flute, piccolo, and more!).