In a World of Pure Ideation!

Ideation has a lot of wiggle room in it…including taking time for yourself. Sometimes that even helps us produce better ideas! So when it was time to move on to the ideation phase of design, I was looking forward to it. I started with taking some quick notes about how I was thinking about the project currently.

Then you get to take a break! Do something else low stress. I chose to work on my cross-stitch project from CloudsFactory. I finished my February section about the Princess and the Frog.

Pattern available from CloudsFactory, stitching by me

After about an hour of stitching and listening to some music, I went back to my original notes and added a bit more.

I found this process pretty enjoyable! It was encouraging to be told to slow down for a moment and relax. With my pre- notes, I felt myself getting frustrated as I wrote them and that I felt there was not a good answer for me to create. After working on my stitching, I was able to come back with more stable emotions, look at my list and expand upon it rather than continue writing things angrily. This process inspired me enough to do it on a smaller basis through the Pomodoro method. I tried using Pomodoro in college but it didn’t work for me then. Doing my graduate work this week has been much easier since I have given myself the grace to fully focus on the work because I know I will get free time later.

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