Sketching Out a Video

This week I made a sketchnote style video to explain my thought process around the questions I brainstormed and discussed last week in my post Asking Questions.

Brainstorm Organization sketchnote style video, created by the author. (2019)

This was my first sketchnote video! The hardest problem for me was figuring out my tripod without actually owning one. The first iteration only included my recycling bin and webcam. The problem was that the picture was tilted and my Post-its were very curly. This meant I needed to find a more straight top-down approach. I stared at the monstrosity on my kitchen table for a day or two. In the end I asked for advice from a friend who has streamed building figurines on Twitch how he made his setup, and how I might be able to replicate it at home. My second attempt after his advice added a cardboard arm to add more table space instead of just recycling bin, but the webcam was too heavy to stay on its own. I finally got there on my third iteration with a combination of books, cardboard, tape, webcam, and a recycling bin. I will be the first to admit that it looks a little ridiculous.

Photo of Sketchnote video camera setup post-filming. Photo property of the author.

I think getting a chance to watch my thinking process was incredibly valuable. It gave me time to act on a quote from Robert Burton in Warren Berger’s A More Beautiful Question, “It can be useful to step back and inquire, Why did I come up with that question?” (p. 92, 201X). Taking the time to organize my thinking and review my questions again spawned more questions.


Berger, Warren. (2014). A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas. [Kindle].

Luft, Lindsay. (2019, March 31). Brainstorm Organization [Video file]. Retrieved from

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