You Can Take the Girl Out of New York…

…But you can’t take the New York out of the girl. Or in this case, the love of New York style pizza. I moved to Washington two years ago and have searched for similar pizza to my family’s typical Friday night dinners since then and have come up with nothing. So, I moved to my next idea: buying the dough from Safeway and making pizza at home.

Pizza I made with store-bought dough in November 2018.

My wonderful fiancé gave me a pizza stone for Christmas so I could continue my pizza adventures. I have only made the store-bought dough so far. It was time to step up my game and make pizza from scratch. To organize my thoughts, I used the TPACK framework to compare my old and new processes (2006).

TPACK Pizza table created by author (2019)

I started my research with Binging with Babish‘s series, Basics with Babish. I love Babish’s main series and find his content informative and entertaining, and he even includes the recipe in the description! I hope you’ll enjoy his style as well.

This video did not address one of my main concerns: making true New York style pizza. The next step was to ask a Discord community I am a part of for recipes and they had quite a few! I will be starting with this New York style recipe from Serious Eats they recommended. My grocery store trip is planned for tomorrow morning, so I should provide an update soon! I hope it turns out delicious.

All images/tables are the property of the author unless otherwise stated.


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