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An educator with experience in educational technology, primary music education, & user design.

Delving into Educational Technology

Design Thinking Impressions

Let’s Get Some Context. I was accepted to Michigan State University’s Master’s in Educational Technology program almost exactly three years after I took my first class in user experience design (UXD). I know because I found the original Instagram post I made from a “take a picture of something that makes you happy every day” … Continue reading Design Thinking Impressions

Supporting Itinerant Music Teachers Through Design Thinking

Introduction I accepted my first teaching job three years ago as an itinerant music teacher. Our district has gone through a lot of changes in staffing, funding, and schedules over that time. Itinerants teach at different buildings throughout the day, starting in one building, traveling during the work day, and ending at a different building. … Continue reading Supporting Itinerant Music Teachers Through Design Thinking

Testing…now with video!

My specific problem is that itinerant general music teachers are feeling unsupported in their transient positions. Going through the design process, there are several steps: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. This shows my prototype handbook to solve the problem going through the testing phase.  Due to the testing happening during social isolation for COVID-19, … Continue reading Testing…now with video!